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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?
All children ages eight to fourteen with either cognitive or physical disabilities.
Where are events held?
The events are held at The Monterey Bay Aquarium out in the Great Tide pool.
Can the family attend?
Yes, the immediate family can attend at no charge.
How much does it cost?
The entire event, including entry to the aquarium, are at no charge.
How do I sign up my child?
Contact Marv Tuttle at contact us or phone 408·268·8004. Marv will establish your elgibility and provide you with an application form.
When are the events?
The events are held between June and August. The actual dates change every year.
Do we need to bring eqnipment?
We supply all the equipment needed for the event. The kids wear their clothes under the dry suit. Bring a towel, sunscreen, a change of dry cloths and your camera.
Does my child need to know how to swim?
No. All we ask is that your child is not afraid of the water.
How do I sign up my organization?
Contact Marv Tuttle at contact us or phone 408-268-8004 .
Can I make a donation?
Yes, please. You can either donate your time the day of the event or make a monetary donation. We are a 501.3 (c) non-profit organization. We draw no overhead; all monies go towards the kids.
Who do I contact?
Marv Tuttle at contact us or phone 408-268-8004.
What Do We Do?
Kids 8-14 years of age with special needs get to suit up in complete dive gear, which includes a dry suit, gloves, booties, hood, mask, BCD, Small air tank and dive regulator. Special Equipment is available for kids who can't hold a regulator in their mouth.
Each child gets to work with two certified volunteer divers from the aquarium. The volunteers teach the basics of SCUBA diving and then help the child to "Surface Dive" in open water in the Monterey Bay Aquarium's "Great Tide Pool".